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Our Team

We're always striving to be the best we can possibly be and we share the same ambition for the families we work with.

Through adopting a systemic practice model and the importance of relationship building, smaller neighbourhood teams, providing the right tools to support mobile working and developing innovative approaches to tackling domestic abuse and complex safeguarding we are delivering social work interventions that help families.

IMG_0015-crop Roisin Madden

Róisín Madden

Director of Operations Children’s Social Care & Safeguarding

Roisin has joined Newham as Director of Operations as an experienced senior manager with a clear commitment to relationship based social work. She joins Newham at a time when there are service improvements being put in place and will support the journey to create an environment where social work will flourish supporting families to care for their children.

Beverley Halligan

Head of Social Work Improvement

Beverley has been the Principal Social Worker, in Newham for three years. She began her career in the borough as a social worker. She has contributed to the development of the chosen practice model and continues to support innovative approaches to domestic abuse. She is now working with partner agencies to develop a Complex Safeguarding Hub.


Steve Chaplin
Acting Service Manager

Steve has been working in the leaving care service since 2016 as a practice leader.

Steve has completed a diploma in systemic supervision whilst at Newham and has also recently completed the First Line leadership programme which is designed to help managers further develop the skills they need to support their staff and implement change to achieve the delivery of excellent services for children.


Gareth Batley
Advanced practitioner

Gareth has been working as an advanced practitioner in the  assessment service.  He has been a social worker for over 18 years and been with the council for five years. During this time he has undertaken a variety of roles, including a secondment to a project to develop a new social work case management system.

Gareth has undertaken his Diploma in Systemic Practice.

He is currently working within the complex safeguarding hub focussing on the risks relating to missing children, cse (child sexual exploitation) and cce (child criminal exploitation).

Shaista Afzal
Practice Leader

Shaista has been working as a practice leader in the assessment team since early 2019. She started her career in a statutory service as a social worker in the assessment service in 2003.

The complexity of families, socio economic challenges and inne London issues have an impact on service’s delivery. These have changed over the years and my role involves identifying these conflicting demands and ensuring young people and children are support by the appropriate services.

She looks forward to starting the Diploma in Systemic Practice course in January 2020.

Social Workers

office picture

Kiran Flynn

Social worker/family therapist

Kiran has worked for Newham for almost two years as a social worker and trainee family therapist in the Central Intervention Team. During her time at Newham, she has been supported to deliver therapeutic interventions in her social work role whilst completing years 3 and 4 training in systemic and family psychotherapy.


Omobosola Aderibigbe

Social worker

Omobosola has been working as a social worker in the Looked After Children’s Team since 2016 when she started as an agency worker. She chose to become a permanent member of staff a year later as a result of the stability and support she received.

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