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Our Model

We've adopted a systemic approach as our theory of practice. We are in our third year of working in partnership with the Institute of Family Therapy and resident CAMHs clinicians to train and support social workers in the use of systemic concepts and tools when building relationships with families. This approach aims to provide social workers and their managers with the skills to deliver purposeful interventions to achieve better outcomes for children.

our model

This approach demands an increase in direct work with children to develop a better understanding of their lived experience and relationship with others and an increase in direct work with adults to understand their capacity to change.

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Practice leaders receive bespoke training so that they can apply systemic approaches in case supervision.

The relationships built between clinicians, practitioners and supervisors at all levels of the organisation have been instrumental in the success achieved.

A recent evaluation survey with staff found that the consultations were useful in all cases and gave practitioners ideas about what to do next. Staff valued the opportunity to reflect, think about cases in a different way and the consultations improved confidence in their existing skills and/or ability to manage situations.

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