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Innovative Approaches

NewDAy is Newham Council’s Children’s Social Care innovation programme which creates sustained change for children, young people and families whose lives are affected by domestic abuse. NewDAy is a team made up of social workers, family therapists, and teachers. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for children, young people and their families, we work with parents and other family members, in partnership with health, schools, police and voluntary sector organisations.


As part of NewDAy, we’re aiming to learn about what works in tackling domestic abuse in a social care context.

A female teenager of African descent is sitting alone in front of a graffiti-covered wall. She is wearing headphones and looking forward into the distance with a serious expression.

An important part of NewDAy is about sharing knowledge with the wider workforce. The team is delivering a model that allows social workers to co-work cases, creating opportunities to implement new ideas in practice.

Complex Safeguarding Hub

We are currently developing a team called the Complex Safeguarding Hub which is responsive to the community, residents, exceptional demand and complexities.

The hub will respond to the needs of children and young people that are due to trauma experienced whilst missing from home or care as a result of various forms of exploitation.

The Complex Safeguarding Hub will change how we understand and respond to safeguarding risks, with a focus on early intervention, prevention, strengthened relationships and therapeutic interventions.

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